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The Squint That Almost Was

At three years old, I had a successful operation on a fairly serious squint (Strabismus). The local ophthalmologist here in Mauritius (Mr Mathieu) tells me that the surgery was a 99% success. I was extremely lucky. I see normally and the only time the squint has been visible is when I was younger. And that was only when I was very tired, which meant I couldn’t put off bed-time.

One study reported that 85% of adult strabismus patients “reported that they had problems with work, school and sports because of their strabismus.” The same study also reported that 70% said strabismus “had a negative effect on their self-image.”

Makes me realise that I would have been someone completely different, and would have had a completely different life if I hadn’t had the luck to have been born in THE town with THE doctor who got the operation just right.

So I am lucky.

But with the onset of (old) age, eyesight starts to fade… and most of us end up specky-four-eyes. Glasses suit some people better than others.

Squint, Cross Eyed