Google Update January 1st 2014

May I be the first to say this – there was a Google algorithm update on January 1st or 2nd… As traffic on January 1st is a little unpredictable (due to hangovers), I am spreading my bet across to January 2nd.

Could it possibly be that the update was released as a prank by a drunken Google employee  during their 2013/2014 New Year’s party?

A rank prank…

Google New Year 2014
I bet it was the cheeky chap on the right
Jason Barnard - Google Update
Mark my words, it was the cheeky chap on the right

Social Balance in SEO

Having done lots and lots of reading and number crunching in December, I have a new favourite word to go with simplicity.

As everyone rushes to the new Nirvana of +1s and G+ circles,  one consideration that seems to have gone right out the window is:


You can quote me on that too :)

Here’s me trying to retain my balance at the hopwork freelancer Xmas do in Paris (thanks Emanuelle):

Balancing Jason Barnard
Keep it steady!